The Team

8Mode was founded by Matt Dwyer and Mike Cooper to bring fun and educational toys and games to the market.

Mike and Matt are telecommunications engineers that have worked together for over 20 years. They specialize in electronics and firmware development, mechanical design and have extensive experience providing exceptional customer service.

Design Philosophy

 The essence of an 8Mode product seeks to achieve the following:

  • Enlighten the customer by providing an educational, therapeutic or physical benefit
  • Inspire the customer to experiment with the features
  • Encourage the customer to modify or use the product in their own projects
  • Have a curious nature to them. The customer wonders how they work
  • They have an emphasis on high quality, exacting fit, and rugged design
  • Extreme attention to details to simplify how the customer operates and maintains the product
  • Products are safe and non-toxic

Creative Process

A product design begins with an idea where something new and unique can provide a benefit or enjoyable experience to the customer. Ideas and designs come from the types of products that we’d like to have or see our friends and family use.

We begin the process of developing an idea by determining the most minimal features possible.

Product Safety

Product safety is paramount and integral to design. 8Mode products are strictly built with ROHS compliant components and non-toxic materials. Although most 8Mode products are for older children and adults, careful considerations are made to ensure that small parts are enclosed and protected as much as reasonably possible. Potential for hazards, however minimal, are clearly conveyed to the customer with information on how to prevent safety issues.

Look and Feel

8Mode products have strict quality standards around basic aspects such as fit and material strength. There is freedom over how elements come together. 8Mode products have a raw built to function appearance, but are built extremely well. They don’t waste material, space and cost to hide structural components. Embellishments are constrained except where they may help the customer understand how to use the product.  Non-traditional applications of off the shelf parts can be integrated and highlighted. The character of a design is brought out with real functional or structural features and not with flashy graphics or expensive materials. Our goal is to impress our customers with the efficient and creative features of a design that solves problems.